You are what you eat….

Not to sound trite, but sometimes we need reminding.  For many of us, food is so readily available, so easy to procure, that we barely give thought to to the act of eating.  We are so busy rushing around, meeting deadlines, dropping off kids, that we often eat absentmindedly, whatever is on hand.  We have such an amazing array of comestibles on hand. We can walk into virtually any store– even a gas station– and grab something to fill our bellies.  And move on.  Because really, as North Americans, that seems to be our purpose, moving on.And yet, with all our wealth, our vast array of foodstuffs, our enviable access to food, medicine, and leisure time, we still have sky-high rates of lifestyle-related illnesses, and our stress levels are some of the highest in the world.  Why?  Why do we do this to ourselves? There seems to be a real disconnect these days between what we put into our bodies and how our bodies run.  The American diet, dominated by market economics and politicized nutritional advice, is slowly robbing many of us of our life and health.  This blog is my attempt to reshape my family’s diet. I hope to provide nourishing food in the context of this culture, to encourage my family to make small but meaningful food decisions, to create a map for how to eat and live well.

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