I usually make soups this time of year to use up the odds and ends in the fridge.  Last night, though, I decided to stir-fry.  The veggies that I found (carrots, celery, cabbage and onions), weren’t particularly exotic, though I did have enough pea pods to stir-fry a main dish with chicken, but they were enough, in combination with garlic, ginger and scallions, to make a savory, satisfying side.  I scrambled a few eggs into the veggies, and added a handful of frozen peas.  Along with the last of the brown rice, we ate a nutritious, cost-effective meal that filled everyone’s belly and left the fridge blessedly bare.  I’m going to stir-fry more often.  I liked the freedom it gave me to be both creative and practical.  You don’t need a recipe, just a willingness to experiment and eat.

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