Our Founding Father Was a Foodie!!

Check out the pictures from Mount Vernon’s latest exhibit, Hoecakes & Hospitality, on NPR’s food blog, The Salt.  It seems that we are not the first, nor even the second, generation of Americans obsessed with what we eat.  Apparently, Martha Washington had a proclivity for ice cream, and George had a serious coffee habit.   Judging by the time and effort that it took to procue these and other Mount Vernon foods, it is clear that we, with our local markets and power appliances, are merely amateur Foodies.  After all, how many of us would skip eating ice cream altogether if we had to start the whole process by harvesting ice?  And can you imagine using that contraption to distill flavorings for cake?  Take a few minutes to look at the pictures….  and then revel in the simplicity of getting tonight’s dinner on the table!

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