Les Macarons de San Francisco

While in San Francisco this past weekend, I made two mouth-watering discoveries at La Boulange on Columbus Avenue.  The first was house-made potato chips sprinkled with coarse sea salt and very fresh herbs de Provence.  The hints of fennel and lavender were irresistible, and I can’t wait to try my own potato-and-lavender dish here at home.  Equally inspiring were the bakery’s Macarons de San Francisco.  These thick, soft, not-too-sweet cookies tasted like fresh hazlenuts, and their crumbly-but-chewy texture was addictive.  I couldn’t resist bringing a package home.  I found both of these worth-the-trip delights at La Boulange in North Beach, though they are undoubtedly available at any of the cafe’s locations.   Love San Francisco.  Would take years to eat one’s way through it!

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