5 Has-Been Trends and Some New Ideas

Last week I listed 10 Of-The-Moment Trends in food.  Someone asked what trends these new ideas replaced.  I don’t think one trend necessarily replaces another, but in order for creativity to flourish, old ideas must give way to new.  And so, without further ado, 5 food-related trends that have reached their saturation points, or even started to recede.  Also, for good measure, 5 foods and ideas that I would love to see gain ground.

On Their Way Out

  1. Gourmet food trucks– Mostly, this is a matter of function.  Food trucks require a certain population density.  Weather, too, plays a role.  Certainly, food trucks are alive and well in certain venues  (New York, cities along the West Coast), but let’s face it: Most areas of the country cannot support a thriving food truck culture.  Those that can, have them.  Those that cannot… Well, let’s just say the trend has gone about as far as it can go.
  2. Artisan Chocolates–  Artisan and small-batch food, generally, is very much in vogue. This includes carefully made small-batch chocolates.  But in many places, the number of specialty chocolatiers that the community can support has reached a saturation point.  The chocolate shops aren’t going away, but the rate at which new shops are opening is definitely slowing.
  3. Cupcakes– Enough already.
  4. National Coffee Houses– People still drink coffee, but today they are much less likely to run to Starbuck’s or Pete’s than they might have been a few years ago.  Instead, they are heading to smaller, local coffee houses or, yikes, even making their coffee at home! The big names aren’t closing up shop, but their dominance is in notable decline.
  5. High-End Teas-  Yes, we now drink green tea and white tea and chai, but our interest in further tea exploration seems to have waned.  I’ve tried, but 9-out-of-10 times when I’m drinking some top-of-the-line tea, I’m wishing for my stand-by, grocery-store brand. Expensive teas just don’t seem to consistently deliver a big enough bang for the buck.  I certainly understand why our flirtation with them is passing.

Really ought to be Up-and-Coming

  1. Macarons
  2. K-12 Food Education
  3. Waldorf Salad
  4. Herb Salts
  5. Dates

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